Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Chicago Plan

The plan is to leave the Morning of Friday, August 29 and drive to Chicago. I think I've got myself, my girlfriend, Trent, and Cole in my car with 4 bikes and 4 bags. If you've got a geared bike or a flip-flop hub, bring it, cos the car is staying on the curb after we arrive at our host's place.

Check out this link for a schedule . Basically, there is polo all day and parties every night. Big ones, including a "Messenger Prom" so bring some fancy clothes and a date.

I've got Monday and Tuesday off work, if y'all wanna hang out in Chicago, we'll do that. If you want to get back to St Louis at different times, we'll arrange car/bus/train taking for you or me or whomever.

Another StL team or loose players are totally welcome and will be housed and drank same as my carfull. Just let us know who and how many are coming up on their own or in another vehicle.

Entry fee for the weekend is 30 bux a head. This includes the two days of polo and all the parties, some of which won't be charging for PBR, some of which will. You'll need some more of your own dough for food and souvenirs.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday 8/10

Our mallets took quite a beating Thursday night. We don't have more than a few functioning ones right now. I can't see how we can play a game today. I guess we'll need to do some mallet repair/building early this week to hopefully get in a game Thursday night.