Friday, July 22, 2011

1st Wednesday of Month Noobie Night August 3rd, 2011!

To further our effort of growing our club, I propose we make the first Wednesday of every month Noobie Night. This could be a night where we encourage people to come out and experience bike polo. This includes less aggressive games, slower games, helping people get the hang of riding the bike and swinging a mallet. 

What are everyone's thoughts? If we move forward with this, the first night will be August 3rd 2011. 

I think we should draw up a flyer and hand out to bike shops, hang in bike shops, etc.


Monday, July 11, 2011

ISO: New Polo Players

Yesterday at polo we decided we we're going to need a new crop of players soon. We need more than 6 people showing up for polo days. It'd be nice to not have to guess if we'll have enough for a game on Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoons.

We determined the best way to find new people would be to play some low intensity games and invite the Saint Louis bike folks out. It will be nice to get a group of new folks on the court with each other for some low intensity games. It can be a bit intimidating for a first timer to get thrown on the rink with five people who've been playing for a couple of years.

Since everyone in the world (except Shin) has a Facebook account we decided to start a Saint Louis Bike Polo page. Go to Facebook and "Like" Saint Louis Bike Polo. Suggest that your friends do the same and maybe we'll round up a few fresh recruits.