Monday, May 18, 2009

Dayton this weekend.

Sorry I left last Sunday without getting this stuff straightened out. I'm going. I can drive 2 other people and bikes comfortably. I can drive 3-4 other people and bike uncomfortably.

Leaving as early as possible on Saturday morning to get in on all the pick-up going on that afternoon. There will be a huge alley cat Saturday night. Sunday is the tournament. Monday is Memorial Day, which you should have off. I don't care if we leave Sunday night or Monday morning. Google maps sez it's a 6 hour drive.

Our hosts would like us to bring our own sleeping bags, pillows, and towels. If we are more than one, but less than two teams, Lee gets first choice of team to be on. There may be some stragglers from CoMO to fill in an All-Missouri squad. I'll look for my St Louis City flag. It's around here somewhere.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Night Bike Polo?

The rain appears to be gone for the rest of the night.

Friday evening bike polo?

Lindenwood Park could be a great way to start a night on the town!