Monday, March 21, 2011

On The Horizon...

Since STL is not making an appearance in Little Rock this coming weekend, the next tournament on the STL Bike Polo horizon is the Riverside Tournament in Lafayette, Indiana. A handful of people have expressed a little interest. I suggest you decide if you want to make the trip ASAP and start talking to potential teammates (talk to them on Wednesday at polo).

For anyone that does go to Lafayette, consider this:

As for normal STL Bike Polo action, Wednesday at 6pm we will be at Maplewood. Show up on time and shred. Our regular Sunday schedule will be 2pm until dark now that the sun is on its summer schedule.

Party hard!

Friday, March 11, 2011


Even Prince Henry Spits Beer! Lets celebrate that fact by playing polo on Saturday. 
Mt. Pleasant Noon.

Its going to be close to 60 out. LETS PLAY POLO! Lets drink beer, play polo, and BBQ. 

Charlie Hard!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Things to Consider...

It's supposed to rain this afternoon, and I don't know how much things will dry before Sunday. Regardless, everyone that has the strength to move after the 80-mile Cold Weather Ride should be playing polo on Sunday starting around 1PM. I'll let everyone debate the best place to play in the comments.

Also, our dear friends 1.5 hours West of us are having a Pull Out tournament on Saturday, March 19th. Make the trek to CoMo and experience playing in a tournament where the alcoholic beverage you pull from Floppy's mythical cooler determines your team for that day. If the rumors are true, there may be a coaster fight in a nearby bar after the tournament.

Finally, consider attending the Lafayette tournament on April 2nd. New players and veterans of the sport should have a good time. At the very least, I'm sure there's a good Purdue party to stumble into after the tournament.