Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Regularly Scheduled Polo

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Saint Louis Bike Polo believes in a few things:

- Partying hard.
- The healing power of Mt. Dew.
- The belief that having fun is easy.
- Beer is better when it's < $0.50 for 12oz.

We also believe in shredding polo rinks on a bi-weekly basis.

For the uninformed, we play on Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoons.

Wednesday night sessions take place in Maplewood at the Maplewood Family Aquatic Center. Ideally, we start around 6PM. Come check it out; even if you've never played. We have all the equipment you need to give polo a try.

Sunday afternoon sessions take place at Mt. Pleasant Park. We try to start as close to 2PM as possible. Mt. Pleasant Park is one of St. Louis City's hidden gems. Prepare yourself for motorcycle gangs, full-contact football games, 7v7 girl brawls, a lack of shade, no amenities, and the occasional murder after hours.

Everyone is welcome to join us. Don't be scared. We're nice people.