Friday, July 6, 2007

inaugural bicycle polo match

We will be having our very first-ever bike polo/BBQ extravaganza this Sunday 7/8 at Mt. Pleasant Park. Show up around 2:00pm and we'll discuss what rules we want to set in place. We'll probably take it easy for awhile since none of us will know what we're doing.

Anyone is welcome to come and participate in this mess that is destined to be spoken of for years to come. If you do come by, don't bring your $3k carbon racing bike, unless you like to ruin expensive things. We'll have six very swanky, custom made bike-polo specific mallets available for your use.

Bring some food, we'll have a grill going for after the match. And bring a cooler full of your favorite refreshment.

Be sure to tell all of your bike-ridin buddies about STL Bike Polo.


STeel said...

So any pics from the inaugural event..... how did it go? Also is it limited to single speeds and fixies?


Yeah, Tony took some pics. 35mm though - not digital so it may take awhile before we see them. Any bike is welcome, we had a DJ bike, a beach cruiser, an old schwinn, a murray mtb, a hybrid, and monocog, and a SS road bike at the game. No one rode fixed.

Overall the game went well, a lot slower paced than I expected. Only one bike casualty - tony's hybrid.
Paul and Brian proved to be the offensive powerhouses - scoring a combined 316 goals (approx) to defeat team america

Game #2 will be this Sunday 7/15 2:00 pm at Mt. Pleasant Park.

Jennifer said...

Remember, though, that even though Team America was TECHNICALLY defeated in goals, Team America always wins the war.

Tony said...

I'll get some pictures up once I get the film developed/burned to CD - hopefully tonight or tomorrow. Also, I'm going to get new wheels for the ole hybrid so I can play again soon!