Monday, July 30, 2007

poor kids drink water, too

It's been three weeks since we called the parks department, and still the fountain at the park is broken. May I suggest that we all call and remind them?

314-622-4800- re: the drinking fountain (there's only one) at Mt. Pleasant Park in South City.


STeel said...

The 622-4800 number is a general city number according to the lady I spoke to there. The parks dept. number is 314-289-5300. The Recreation Commissioner's name is Evelyn Rice-Peebles, her number is 314-289-5320.
This is our work order# 255456. Hopefully we can get this taken care of. I am sure if we call enough eventually the damn thing will get fixed.

Brian said...

I also e-mailed the city a request. (Don't really remember web address though).

STeel said...

I called the Parks Dept again today. they gave me a new number to contact. It is the construction division of the Parks Dept: 314-289-5360.

I spoke with Rose who put me on hold, then came back and said she spoke with the Plumbing foreman and that he is aware that the fountain is broken and it "is on his list of many things to do."

Paul said...

Called and left a message. Hopefully they fix it soon, the place is popular enough.


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