Sunday, August 26, 2007

Labor Day Weekend BBQ Fiesta 2007!

As I mentioned at tonite's game, I will be having a BBQ/Party Saturday September 1st Starting around 4pm. I will supply the booze, however you are welcome to bring your own. I will also supply the hors dourves. If you want to grill you will need to bring your own meat. The party will be at my house 4538 Oakland Ave.
Here is a link to the E-vite.

I hope to you guys can come. And don't forget there will be a pinata.
If you have any question you can call me at 314-662-4084.

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Jen and I will be out of town, damn.

Brian said...

Pinatas are awesome! I haven't hit one since I was five, but I remember them being pretty sweet.
I'll have to see if I'm free.