Sunday, September 23, 2007

2BA 47P

Memorize that license plate number.

While on our way home tonight from polo Jen and I were almost run over by a car with that plate number. We were coming up to a stop light when a car already stopped at the light in front us threw their car into reverse, spun the tires and tried to hit us. The car was about 75ft in front of us and probably up to about 20mph when he reached us. The car struck my leg and our best polo bike. We jumped up onto the curb and were not hurt, but it could have been much worse.

Car was a maroon 90's Cougar like the one above


STeel said...

That is some crazy shit. What intersection was this at? Did you all call the fuzz? Just glad ya'll are alright.

Paul said...

holy shit. glad you both all are ok. maybe everyone should take a mallet home for self defense?

Virginia said...

What a piece of crap.

Report it! Especially since you have the license plate.

Tony said...

Better yet - find a cop who takes bribes (you shouldn't have to look for long). Pay him $50 for the guy's address. Then, we go play bike polo on his head.

Critical Mass St Louis said...

thatz just fuct. karma will find them!