Monday, October 15, 2007

3 of you need to go to Milwaukee.

Too bad we didn't know about this a little earlier. They play the game the proper way up there: Hardcourt, mini soccer ball.


madbikepolo said...

i hate to say this, cause i hate myspace more than any other technology, but if you were on myspace you would have known weeks ago. and besides, blogspot is just as bad as myspace.


i know we should have a myspace page. i don't really want to start one. myspace sucks like k-mart. maybe one day we'll have a myspace page, but for now it's a blog.

good luck at the tourney, i wish i could be there.

Brian said...

Dang it! The doctor just told me I've got bike wrench elbow and need to lay off it for a few weeks. Otherwise I'd be all over this like milk on Cheerios.
Seriously though, we need to go and represent!

Paul said...

that tourney sounds cool, maybe someday stl will get some people to one.

gotta say i hate myspace. most pages look like someone puked confetti all over the place. also, news corp owns them which is enough reason to stay away.

kev said...

i wanna help create a polo website that will help us all escape myspace, but keep cities in touch with each other. perhaps in 08

Anonymous said...

There will be friendly inter-city games all winter. Milwaukee plays in a parking garage when the weather's bad. Madison wants to host an ice tournament in February.
Madison will also host the 4th Bi Annual Mid West Bike Polo Champeenships in May which you will come to because I will have moved to the Lou by then and honed y'all into a mean, lean, championship team.