Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ahhh... I love the smell of polo in the fall.

The leaves are changing and the air is cooling. Fall is here and bike polo season is on! We've all been waiting for sweater-clad bike polo playing, and it's just about here.

So 3pm on Sunday?


Jen said...

We're supposed to work the FBC Alleycat on Sunday at 4 :(


no way, i'm playing polo
i already let ryan know

daniel said...

The FBC had their chance to host an alleycat. Way to stay true, brother. I'm in. I can't speak for Shana, but I'll try to convince her.

Happy halloween.

Anonymous said...

holy god damn! This is great. Bike Polo in the Lou! This will make the transition from Chicago much easier when I move in the spring.

I was so excited when Jake said there was talk of youse guys sending a team up to the 3rd Bi Annual Mid West bike Polo Champeenships.


STeel said...

Yo atendo el juego de "polo de bicicleta" a Domingo.


Lucky, look us up when you come to town.

Sorry we didn't make the champeenships, we are totally in for the next midwest tournament.

Paul said...

i'll be there. can't wait to play in cooler weather.

Anonymous said...

How late into the year do y'all plan on playing? I may be able to get a car full of Chicagoans to drive down for a weekend game. But it'll take a coupla weeks to line everyone's scheds up.



we were actually talking last night about how we should have the super bowl of bike polo in january. i'm ready to play through the winter.

If you guys wanted to come down for a weekend in the next month or so, it would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

It is decided. At least 3, and up to 6 players from Chicago will be coming to the river city on Sat. Nov 17 for polo on Sun the 18th.

We'll need places to stay, and if you could move Sunday's games closer to noon, we could play longer/get home at a more reasonable time.

email me to set it all up