Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Who Wants to go on a Road Trip?

January 6th in Milwaukee anyone?


I think it's time we venture outside of our little polo bubble and see the sights up north. If I see even one "hell yeah" reply I'm goin'. Just one, thats all its gonna take.


Anonymous said...

Hell maybe!!
What else can you tell me? Is this just a day trip?

Anonymous said...



Minimum 2-days I'd say. Drive up Saturday, POLO Sunday, drive home Sunday night?

I'd be up for a longer trip if anyone knows anything cool we can do/knows of cool people's couches to crash on.

What does everyone else think?

STeel said...

No can do. I am in Pittsburgh till late Saturday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Just write to "Crash" c/o madbikepolo or send a note to the Milwaukee bike polo myspace page. They should be able to house y'all overnight.
Worst come to worst, you can stop off in Chicago and we'll all drive up Sunday morning together.

ceicei said...

hey kids! happy festivius!

come on up to wisco... plenty of places for you guys to crash in mil-town or madison. just let me know when and where and lets play!

Anonymous said...

Does it look like anyone's coming up next weekend? I've been roped into driving a car full of Chicagoans to MKE.



We're out. We'll get up north for polo one of these days.

kevin said...

Winter Classic Feb 17... see www.madbikepolo.org for details.