Thursday, January 24, 2008

it was cold (again)

the low temps did not keep a crowd away from mt. pleasant park. i think we had eight or nine players, one of whom was lucky from chicago. we played a game of small ball, and i don't think we had tried that since our very first game. i think everyone is sold on that style. the game was a lot faster. other than polo, we rode the south county chopper around, drank wine and pbr, and ate cookies (thanks to our chicago friends).


STeel said...

I dig the small ball. Hopefully we will make a full switch to small ball for hardcourt and big ball for grass play.

And the South County Chopper was awesome.

Tony said...

BikeSnobNYC had a funny post yesterday about Bike Polo and advertising -

Paul said...

i think this week we need to decide what we want to do about our mallet situation. the past few weeks have been pretty destructive on the mallets, and i don't think most of them will last too many more games. i'm trying to put them back together with wood glue + screws, but many of the croquet heads and broomsticks have been totally stripped of threads. i am open to putting together another set of wooden ones, using the stash of abs to make ski pole mallets, or something else. in any case, we should probably come up with a plan before we have less than six usable mallets.

any thoughts?


I've got a few ski poles. I say we use those and the ABS we have. If we're switching to the small ball we may as well switch our mallets while we're at it.

Also, you guys said the ball Lucky had was better than our hockey balls (bouncier / not as dead) what was it and where can we find one?