Thursday, May 22, 2008

Who wants to go to Toronto, Ontario, Canada with me on June 13 (Friday)- 16 (Monday) to enter a St. Louis Team in the WORLD Bike Polo Championship Tournament?

I'm gauge-ing interest in filling the car with St Louisans and bikes to make the drive. If I can find just two others (a team's worth) with the time (it's a 13 hour drive each way) and cash, we'll do it.

Estimated expenses: 75$ to enter. 60$ in gas (estimate divided by 3) plus money for eating/drinking for 2 days on the road and two days playing polo. Perhaps 200 total per person.
Must haves: Passport. Helmet. Bike and mallet.




I don't think I could get a passport in time. I wish you could still get in to Canadia with only a birth certificate.

nick said...

Effective January 31, 2008 the state department no longer soley accepts oral declarations of citizenship as proof.

A passport is only necessary for travel by air in and out of the country.

You do not necessarily need a passport if traveling by land or sea. See link below.

If crossing by land or sea you can either have your1 of the following items:
Acceptable Documents as of January 31:

U.S. or Canadian Passport
U.S. Passport Card (Available spring 2008)*
Trusted Traveler Cards (NEXUS, SENTRI, or FAST)*
State or Provincial Issued Enhanced Driver’s License (when available – this secure driver’s license will denote identity and citizenship.)*
Enhanced Tribal Cards (when available)*
U.S. Military Identification with Military Travel Orders
U.S. Merchant Mariner Document
Native American Tribal Photo Identification Card
Form I-872 American Indian Card
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) Card


nick said...

U.S. and Canadian Citizens – Two Document Option

All U.S. and Canadian citizens who do not have one of the documents from the list above must present BOTH an identification and citizenship document from each of the columns below.

Identification Documents*

Driver’s license or identification card issued by a federal, state, provincial, county, territory, or municipal authority
U.S. or Canadian military identification card

* All identification documents must have a photo, name and date of birth.

Citizenship Documents

U.S. or Canadian birth certificate issued by a federal, state, provincial, county, territory or municipal authority
U.S. Consular report of birth abroad
U.S. Certificate of Naturalization
U.S. Certificate of Citizenship
U.S. Citizen Identification Card
Canadian Citizenship Card
Canadian certificate of citizenship without photo

nick said...

So Trent you CAN get into Canada with a birth certificate and a drivers license

Lucky said...

Does that mean that Nick and Trent want to come?

nick said...

Unfortunately Nick cannot come because i wont be back from dallas until late on the 13th.
Sorry, wish i could.

Lucky said...

Hey! This is two weeks away! I have a second person interested, but I need a third to make it work.

Who's in?