Sunday, June 1, 2008

It's June and we might be playing polo

I think a lot of people will be going to the RFT Music Showcase today. So I guess we won't be playing polo again this weekend. I want this no-polo stint to end soon. Maybe we need to seriously talk about a new time to play.

UPDATE: Some folks form the Hub wanna play today. I will play if we can find two more. see the comments


Anonymous said...

I am one of three guys that wants to play polo today if anyone can still play. We've been hopin' to play you guys for some time now. I'll check back on the site later for a reply. --The Hub Bicycle Co. Polo Crew


If you've got three I bet we can get a game together - give me a ring 563fivesevenzero68four5



We are playing TODAY

POLO - 2:30pm at mt pleasant

Lucky said...

How'd it go for y'all today? Who/what is the Hub Bike Co?

I played up in Chicago and got pretty bruised up.

2 things: 1. Chicago guys are thinking of coming down around the 4th of July, is that a good weekend for everyone else, or will you all be outta town? 2. If we're going to send a team to Toronto for the Worlds, we need to figure it out in the next 3 days. I'll drive. Trent's interested, but we need a third.