Saturday, July 5, 2008

Grass Game 6/6/08

From the Hub:
Grass polo on Sunday at 1:00pm in Forest Park. We play at the rugby fields by the upper Muny parking lot. We have grass mallets. Bring yourselves (and beer?) and helmets and bikes. Not necessarily in that order. Hope to see y'all out there.

So lets all go play some grass polo Sunday.


Lucky said...

They came to our game... I suppose it's only fair we go to theirs.

Personally, I was looking forward to another day at lindenwood. But I'll go where the game is. Who's down for Forest Park?

Anonymous said...

I'll be along, possibly late though.


Dan said...

Hi guys,

We have been playing bike polo at Forest Park for a while. Are you guys interested in a game sometime?



Dan - are you talking about the game with the guys from the Hub on the Rugby fields or another game?

We really prefer the hardcourt version of the game, but we'll play a grass game every once in awhile. Come out to Lindenwood park on Sundays at 2pm if you want to check it out, bring a bike.