Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Night Polo

Polo tonight (9/18) at Lindenwood. 6:30ish. Be there.


Lucky said...

Great games everyone! So nice to have enough folk to rotate in and out.

Someone call me re: getting polo stuff to the race on Sunday. I'm a mile from Tilles, and won't be racing.

We can do a little exhibition before and after the race. I'll hang out in the park, so I can watch polo bikes/equip while y'all are out.

Lucky said...

I talked to Denny at Friendlies last night. He's down with us using the closed-in, stove-heated beer garden for our afterparty/awards/diner from 6pm to 10-ish

No charge for the space, we just buy food and drink.

When I go back to confirm/watch more White Sox games this week, I'll talk to him about the costs to us of a limited menu/drink special for the party.

nick said...

Friendlies is a sweet bar, and very supportive. They are sponsoring my kick ball team this session...