Monday, January 12, 2009

The Future...

Upcoming polo and bike events:

Wed Jan 14th. Sprints at the Atomic cowboy.

February 8-13 Bike Polo Spring Break in Pensacola, FL

Saturday-Sunday, February 14-15. SESPI polo tournament, Pensacola, FL

Friday-Sunday, February 27-March 1. North American Hand Built Bike Show in Indaianapolis, IN.

Saturday, February 28. The Stairmaster. Brutally fun alley cat in Chicago, IL. Last event of the Tour Da Chicago, an annual 6 stage winter race series. Party to follow.


Lucky said...

Unless I hit the Lottery, there is almost no way I'll be able to get to Pensacola. Just to get to the tournament would require a day off before and after on account of the 13 hour drive. Let me know if anyone from StL or CoMO is considering it, though.

I am for sure going to the Handbuilt bike show. Talk is starting of holding some exhibition polo or just for fun polo during the event.

I'd go to Indy on Friday, and leave for Chicago Saturday afternoon so I could race in the stairmaster. It is so much fun. There will be places to crash in Chicago for all the St Louisans who wanted to follow me up there.

Who's up for a three state tour of bike porn and ridiculous athleticism?


I'll probably go the NAHBS. I don't know about chicago afterward though, we'll see.

No way I'm going to Florida.

revphil said...

3 states of bike porn sounds like a good start.

our crew just spent 2 months with porno and polo.

still recovering, but hope to make it back east in the spring.

Lucky said...

I was using the phrase "bike porn" in the metaphorical sense.

nick said...

Anyone interested in going to SESPI?


tscotino said...

I'd be in for Indy/Chicago, I was planning to go to the Dropkick Murphy's concert in Chicago on the 28th anyway.

nick said...


I will be in COMO this weekend for reasons other than polo. However I am going to be playing polo with the COMO crew at 3:00 PM at COSMO park.

Anyone interested in getting a car of people together and playing some friendlies Sunday afternoon?


PS Cold weather polo is better than no polo.


Crap, we are looking at houses on Sunday. That rink looks great. Maybe another time. We need to get out there for sure.

Lee said...

Hey, if somebody gives me the password for this blog, I'll post the photos i took on Sunday.

Lucky said...

I'll drive to CoMO this Sunday. I can fit 3 people and bikes comfortably. More, uncomfortably.

Scotino, if you can get Friday off work, I'd be happy to drive you to Indy and Chicago.

Lee, only Trent or Seth can make it so you can post to the blog.

nick said...

They are the gate keepers


Lee, you have been invited to the blog.