Sunday, April 12, 2009

Summer road trip

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I wanna try this sometime around mid-June. Anyone down for some/all of the ride?
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Anonymous said...

Wow, i dont know. its alot to take in. well, i might be down. for some at least.- anchovy

Lucky said...

I figured I'd be picking people up and dropping them off for legs of the trip the whole time.

All the stops are in cities, so anyone who comes along for a while should be able to bus or train it back to their home base directly.

Still a ton of planning to do, but right now it looks like June 13-28 is the right two weeks.

nick said...

Sounds like fun, wish i could go...

Anonymous said...

Anybody up for some tonight? 2 on 2? since i bet Lee's bike is still broke. (his derailer hanger snapped last time we played)-anchovy

Lucky said...

Dates are set, I'm getting in touch with all the polo people in these towns this week to confirm the schedule.
Sat June 13 St Louis*
Sun June 14 Indianapolis*
Mon June 14 Louisville
Tue June 15 Louisville
Wed June 16 Lexington
Thu June 17
Fri June 18
Sat June 19 Pittsburgh
Sun June 20 Cleveland or Richmond
Mon June 21 Buffalo* or DC
Tue June 22 Toronto or Baltimore*
Wed June 23 Ann Arbor* or Philly
Thu June 24 Ionia* or NYC
Fri June 25 Chicago* or Cleveland*
Sat June 26 St Louis

The"*" means it's not that city's normal pick up game day.

The blanks are cos there's four cities I can hit in those two days. We'll see who gets back to me.

Anonymous said...

Bicycle Film Festival is coming to Memphis May 29 - 30

You should get a group to come down!

details and tickets at