Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Polo Tonight?

Polo tonight at Maplewood, anyone?

Let's say around 5:32 PM.

The weather report for tomorrow looks like this:



funny i have plans to watch reservoir dogs tonight


Also, that mallet must belong to the devil or something. It is casting no shadow. Come on Ben, you're better than that.

Ben said...

I noticed that after I made it. I intended to fix it before making the post, but in my rush, I forgot. I'll fix it after work.

I'm busy with ethics training right now.

nick said...

Any one have a spare 26" rear wheel they can part with?

Jake's got tacoed on tuesday and he needs one for this weekend.


Lucky said...

Friendlies are coming up! I think we've got all the out of towners housed for Sat night. Who can bring a grill and a thermos full of goodness for a long, cool Saturday afternoon of polo-fun?

I can do about a gallon of boozy cider or chocolate. I don't own a grill. I think I'm housing some CoMO or Bloomington kids.

Anonymous said...

I have bags of charcoal for sure I can bring. Might be able to bring a grill. I will if I can. It's a big maybe.

nick said...

I have a small grill I can bring. It is similar to a smoky joe.