Saturday, January 9, 2010

Today and Tomorrow


Felix's at 11am. Finalize plans for our rockin' Lock-In.

PS. Lucky needs a ride. Somebody help him out!


Anonymous said...

I will play today. I will play tommorow. I will give Luckee a ride. I am Jake

Anonymous said...

ill play if we can get enough people

Benjamin Simon said...

IN: Ben, Julia, Jake

Anonymous said...

i showed up at the garage and no one was there. i guess i should check this website more often. need brooms tomorrow, some snow has drifted into the side of the garage, no big deal, might take 5 minutes to sweep. what time is polo tomarrow? 1 or 2?

Lucky said...

1pm, after the meeting at Felix's, which starts at 11am. Jake - call me to arrange a ride, sevensixninesevenfive twoeight

Makin' this bike rack is a real pain in my ass.

Ben said...

Single speed 26'' wheelset:

anchovy said...

Ha, BEN! i just saw that wheelset. Thought the same thing. Good deal!
Sorry Patrick. I was in my basement and i wasnt checking my phone. You need to get Jake's number also. He usually knows if we are playing.
What are you making a bike rack for Lucky?
I wont be at Felix's. I will be at Polo. I hate Felix's.

Lucky said...

Yeah, it's not my favorite place either. But I asked where else we could meet a few days ago and received no suggestions. So; Felix's is where we're going. Everyone knows where it is, right?

I'm trying to make a bike rack (a cunch of racks, actually) for inside the skatium. A hundred bikes in that place could turn into a fire-exit-blocking-sprawl pretty quickly.

Anonymous said...

We can borrow that steel railing at the wash u garage. I can pull my truck up near the bobcat. It's slotted and steel. Would make for a good rack. We can return it when done.
It's an option.

Ben said...

We should borrow the bobcat too ;)

But seriously, borrowing a few crowd barriers from Wash U would be a good idea.

Lucky said...

No, it would be stealing. And risking the sweet thing we've got going in that garage.

We can double check tomorrow, but I don't think they'd work that well as bike racks either.

Anonymous said...

I don't think borrowing anything from Wash U is a good idea, they have numerous security cameras in the garage, and I'd hate to screw up our perfect winter polo privileges.

Anonymous said...

Just kidding. I agree and love our winter polo spot. Thank you wash u!

Anonymous said...

So in case you were wondering, I'm not dead I promise. I've just been really super busy and really super out of town. But I will be back home tonight and ready to help with anything that needs to be helped with for this weekend.

Nick if you still need housing I have a couch and plenty of floor space for Friday or Saturday night. And as Ben pointed out, my landlords really suck but I'm not going anywhere for a awhile.

Also my stove/oven/microwave are more than available for cooking or warming since my house is prob the closest to the skatium. I also have a propane tank if were still needing one of those. It needs to be filled but that's not a big deal. Just let me know.

Also I am playing a show at the sci fi lonuge on Friday if anyone is looking for a cheapish dance party to entertain some out of town guests. It'll prob be like $4 max and I can literally prob get a group discount if a bunch of ppl are coming.
I think that's about it. Sorry for the stupid long post but I thought I wood just put it all into one instead of a bunch of little ones. And I also now have an iPhone so I'll be able to check this site more often.

See everyone wednesday