Monday, February 22, 2010


I saw death in the shadow of a fallen tree.

-Lee W.K.


Ben said...

Did you stomp death's guts out?

death said...

Lee. why did you Cuddle me so hard? I was just trying to scare you hiding behind that tree and all...jeez you guys are fucking mean.

Anonymous said...

The king demands his minions to play polo tonight. Even if your hurt or dead.
-royal messenger-

Anonymous said...

i am up for polo tonight and the unveiling of my new mallet, which is really an imitation of Jake's mallet.

Sherrid said...

I sat on deaths fallen body and thought about the fog, and the Mountain's of Eureka. Death is a gnarly undiscovered tree stump. The perfect place to sit still and contemplate.

W.K. said...

The best people die 60 times a minute. They are always being born.

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