Friday, April 22, 2011


Well done Jon. Heal up and lets see you on the court soon!


Bruce said...

Watch out Jake... I did it again!

Bike Polo Player said...

Looks like Jon was fouled.


"Fuck you, man. What are you doing?! Asshole."

chocolate alaska said...

Easter tornado polo? I'm figuring we won't play tomorrow, but if enough of you are in I am too

Nick said...

Anyone want to switch to Tuesday or Thursday for polo this week? Its supposed to rain on Wednesday.

King said...

I can play tuesday. Sounds like a Great idea!

chocolate alaska said...

tuesday no good for me -- i've got a late class

King said...

Sucky iv got work Thursday...

Anonymous said...

Come after work!

Anonymous said...

That's what she said!

King said...

To specify: I work a day job 9-5 AND I work at HandleBar from 7pm-2am on Thursdays. Think you'll still be playing at 2am? ? ?

Ben said...

Friday night is probably the best option. That gives the rink time to dry on Thursday after Monday-Wednesday showers.

King said...

I agree with our leader...

I work Friday night too but I'll try to switch around ad get a later shift so I can crush you all. Oops I mean play nicely with everyone...


nick said...

Friday, Saturday and Sunday polo???

Sign me up!

PS... Jake = Hard worker. I'd be there playing after 2am if we could get a game!

Andrew W.K. said...

PARTY TIP: Fight for what you love - not against what you hate.

Ben said...

Screw Midwests. Let's do this instead:


Andrew W.K. said...

PARTY TIP: People who try to make you party their way are wrong. Always party your own way, no matter what.

Ben said...

Biking in the rain training.

Lucky said...

"Andrew W.K. said...

PARTY TIP: People who try to make you party their way are wrong. Always party your own way, no matter what."

Ironic, you've been trying to tell me how to party for years.

Ben said...

We've been trying to convince you party...period.

You can party anyway you like.

Going to bed at 9pm is not partying.

Ben said...

PARTY TIP: Don't try to think positive. Just party really hard and the positivity comes without thinking.

Nick said...

Anyone up for some polo tonight?

Friday Night Polo?

Anonymous said...

I've gone to bed at 9pm after a REEAALLLYY LOOOONGG PARTY.

So, sometimes going to bed at 9 is PARTYING.


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