Friday, November 23, 2007

This Sunday 2:00 - Warm-Ups

Only one more week before a few peeps from Chicago invade the STL for polo. Lets get in a good game this week. Dan, ice that back tomorrow, we need ya out there. Brian is back from Africa and he'll be out on the chick-magnet, and Hans will be trying out his new nalgene bottle mallet. Should be a fun day.

Show up at the park between 2:00 and 3:00 and be ready to play.


Anonymous said...

Where at?


Tony said...

Mt. Pleasant... I still don't have a functional polo bike, but I'll come out for some support! (and maybe some beer drinking)

Anonymous said...

OK Kids, it's on!
3 from Chicago will be storming your polo-castle about diner-time Saturday. If yer all inclined, we recommend a big ole' brunch-y-type meal together Sunday morning, then starting your game around noon on Sunday, cos we need to be back on the road by 5pm.

We'll bring six each of our hardcourt and grass mallets plus the small and inflatable balls, so we can all experiment with all styles after we play your game your way.

See you then! -Lucky

Steve -Mt Washington Bike Polo said...

I will be visiting STL this weekend and wanted to check you guys out. I play grass bike polo in Baltimore. Based on the postings, there is an issue with bikes and mallets but I thought I would ask if there would be any loaners if I showed up... Are there any rules?


steve - come on by. ride any bike you want. If you don't have your bike with you I'm sure we can find one for you. Our style of polo is played on a street hockey court with a size one soccer ball. This weekend we'll be playing many styles - including grass. Starting at noon on sunday. We don't play with many rules. We'll fill all the visitors in Sunday.

look us up when you get in town. We may be riding saturday night.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, could you send me an email with contact info?