Friday, December 28, 2007

bike polo equals not larking

Last night I met one of my potential future roommates... We were talking about our spare time activities and interests- of course I mentioned bike polo. This guy had the nerve to compare bike polo to "larking." 

This is the only similar thing I could find on the Interweb, but I found this comparison to be gravely insulting. It's a medieval role playing game. Let's just say this guy is at the bottom of the list for now. So, what are the game plans for the weekend? (I actually plan on playing!) 



Goodness to come this weekend =

Friday: Critical Mass Ride - 6pm Kiener Plaza

Saturday: ?????

Sunday: Polo at the regular time/place. 50 cent Stag Night @ the AC.

Monday: NYE - We may or may not be in town

Tuesday: I vote for a hangover fest polo game. Bloody Mary's anyone?

I may have discovered a lit place for night games. It is not covered, so it's still not a perfect alternative to Mt. Pleasant. If the lights work or not at this new place is yet to be discovered.

Paul said...

is your potential future roommate featured in this film about "larking"?

Anonymous said...

I'm in Iowa, sorry.


Tony said...

Holy hell - those guys remind me of some of my high school friends :-( It's very sad...

Well, I'm sure this will bring more mockery, but I think the term is LARPing (Live Action Role Playing)... And those guys are definitely similar to the YouTube guys.

STeel said...

Larping should not be confused with this super awesome "sport" called Dagorhir. A friend of mine fro K.C. is into this stuff... Non of it is remotely like Bike Polo.

Anonymous said...

That site said "Experience yesterday's fun today". Somehow I don't think they used to go to war for fun.

Bike polo doesn't really compare to anything. It's not like there's a unicycle paintball team out there or anything.