Friday, January 4, 2008

Sunday game?

The chick magnet is all fixed up and ready for action (chicks beware). So how about 2pm under the bridge? Who's in?



Under the bridge!? It's gonna be 60 degrees with only a slight chance of rain, I'm headin' to Mt. Pleasant! Paul, Nick, and I got in a game of 2-on-2 last week on the court, it was a good game.

Who else is in for 2:00 on Sunday?

Brian said...

Mt. Pleasant it is then.

nick said...

I am down, the game last Sunday went great, despite the cold weather.

I dont have my new mallet repaired yet, but it does sound like i have a lead on some ABS pipe out of denver.

Anyone else want some?

Brian said...

My friend Jeff should be there too.

STeel said...

I am back from Pittsburgh.....And I will be riding my new (to me) Bianchi Folder.