Sunday, March 23, 2008


Lucky told me, as I was barreling down the court with my mallet overhead, "Don't swing your mallet like a cowboy. Keep it below the wheels."

Then he showed me why.


Lucky said...

I'm really, really sorry. I owe you a drink for every stitch you had to get.

Jen said...

As scary as that picture is, you look much better than you did with blood dripping off of your nose.

I hope your wound heals quickly!

Seth Teel said...

You are a badass Mr. Rich.
I will buy you a drink to ease the pain.

Jen said...

That scars gonna make up for some of the manliness points you lose for that wallpaper border.

Sorry you were the first to be really injured in St Louis Bike Polo.

Trent said...

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Not Jen, but Trent.

Tony said...

not a problem Lucky - honestly, in hindsight, I'm surprised I didn't injure someone with my mallet-escapades sooner. However, after this bottle of Gentleman Jack, I'm not going to feel anything.

If the weather's nice this week, I want to ride after work. Maybe the RFT or downtown to Forest Park and back.


Tony - going for a ride sounds good to me. Let me know when.

Friday I wouldn't mind riding to the Monads show.

Tiffany said...

Aww my POOR POOR Boneface.... or should we change your name to Scarface??? Ah, nevermind, guess that name is already taken...what about Frankenstein?



tscotino said...

So, I dropped Tony off in front of the hospital and went around the block to park the car. By the time I got back, he wasn't there. So I asked the receptionist which way the guy with blood coming out of his head went. She said that she sent him to the ER, up the stairs and around to the left. I started that way and she got real nervous and chased after me saying "you didn't hit him, did you? "

Maybe I should have left the mallet in the car.

Jen said...

I'm up for a ride sometime this week, but rain is in the forecast for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.