Friday, March 28, 2008

Summer Tournaments and Stuff

The following was emailed to me by Lucky:

Hey Trent, and by extension, StL Bike Polo,

What's the interest level like for traveling to one/some/any/all of the tournaments and invitationals going on all summer this year?

The calender is getting crowded, but the most important ones to me (which means that I'll be willing to drive myself and a few others) are the 4th Bi Annual Mid West Bike Polo Champeenships, May 3rd in Madison, WI and the NACCC North American Polo Championships August 30/1 in Chicago.

There are plenty more events: April 13th is a regional meet and greet in Dayton, OH. April 26/7 is the East Side invite in DC. There's stuff in Ottawa, Toronto, Seattle, Lexington, NYC, Dallas, all over the damn place.

So get with your crew and see who has the time and inclination to play outside of St Louis. A whole world of falling down awaits you!


[trent again]
I doubt I'll be making it to the coasts or Canada for any polo, but I would like to get some STL players in the Midwest games. Who else wants to show some other cities what we got?



So first up is Dayton, Ohio on April 13th. My sister lives outside Dayton so I'm willing to make this drive. I'd want to leave Saturday, come back Sunday.

Anyone else up for a road trip? I can fit two bikes and 4 people in the Jeep (more bikes if we can find a spare tire mount rack or get more roof mounts)

Its a 5-6 hour drive straight out I-70.

Tony said...

I'd like to go, but I'll be traveling to NY for work on April 9-11, so I doubt Anna will let me be gone that weekend as well... However, I'm always up for a good road trip.

Lucky said...

Who wants to go to Madison with me? I can fit three other players and bikes. A team and an alternate? If we convoy, we can send 2 teams.

This is for the 4th Bi Annual Mid West Bike Polo Champeenships. My baby. The tournament that started it all. Saturday, May 3rd. We'll probaby leave Friday as early as y'all can, drive back Sunday. Places to stay in Madison are arranged.

The format is like world cup soccer, with set-up groups feeding a single elimination bracket. So you're guaranteed a certain number of games with people you haven't played with before even if yer stinking up the place.

Seth Teel said...

I can't make Madison cuz I will be in the Ville for the Derby. And I can't make Dayton because it is the day before I start my new job.
I will be open to other tourneys or even trying to host something here.

tscotino said...

I can't make dayton, but I'd be in for Madison.


I', in for Madison (I think)

Lucky, you gonna be living here by then or are we driving up to Chicago to meet you and other folks ?

Lucky said...

We're 70% sure that we'll have moved in just days before that weekend. Which means that I'll be driving y'all the whole way.

If that 30% stuff happens... I don't know. I've no contingency plans.

Jen said...

Where will you be living, Lucky?

Lucky said...

We'd all like to know that. Jenny and are looking at the 'hoods immediately north, east, and south of Tower grove park. It's nice, it can be pretty cheap, and it's central. Which is key given that neither of us have any idea where we'll be working and only a limited idea of where we'll be socializing.