Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Midwest Champeenships

So, Lucky's already telling these guys we've got 2 teams showing up, lets not make a liar out of him. I'm in, Scotino has said he's up for the trip, and Lucky makes three. Paul? Daniel? Quigley? Brian? Nick? Ross? Anyone else I left out?

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Lucky said...

The third Tony. On the BMX. That kid's a natural. Him, Seth, and Brian are your strongest players. Based on the, what, 5 total hours I've played with y'all?

The big scar on Tony's forehead may psyche out and intimidate some people. That's an advantage.

What time can y'all make yourselves available Friday? I assume we'll have to wait until after work to hit the road. Is that gonna be 5~ish? 6~ish?

Jen said...

Actually, that's not a third Tony. That's Nick! But yeah, he is a natural.


I'll be off work at 4:30, ready to roll shortly after 5

bostonbikepolo said...

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Tony said...

The scar's not that bad (unfortunately), so I doubt there'd be much psyching... However, I am free that weekend and plan to go. We (read: "I") will have to do a lot of practicing between now and then...

I can make myself available earlier than that - probably by noon on the 2nd. I guess we'll wait for slow-ass Trent :-)

Lucky said...

Awesome. You, me, and Trent are the team unless three more can come. We'll have all of 2 days to practice after Jenny and I move. If lifting boxes counts as practice, I'll at least be in good shape.

Someone go buy a huge St Louis City flag that we can fly out the car window when we arrive at the court.

Jen said...

Lucky, let us (read: Trent) know if you need/want any help moving. We would be glad to help.

nick said...

No Trent, I am not retired yet. just been swamped at work.

I would like to go up to Madison for the tourney. I am going to try and wrangle paul into going. We both can't leave until end of day on Friday. We might just leave Friday after work and catch up.

If we are going, should we practice a couple of evenings during the week at the tennis courts? I think i am pretty rusty...

Oh is this a court game or a grass game? Are BMX bikes allowed?

Lucky said...

Hardcourt, small ball. All bikes allowed. Rules will be the midwest variant of "Little Beirut". Pretty much what you've been playing. It will be awesome.

So: we've got 3 in my car and maybe 2 in Nick's. We need to lock in Paul and find one other (Daniel? Jen? I think everyone else I've met there is accounted for) to bring up 2 teams. There is a small chance that there'll be other stragglers to form a team with, but it's not guaranteed.


I think we've got 6 counting Paul.

Tony Rich
Tony Scotino

Tony said...

Sounds good to me - is there a place where the "Little Beruit" rules are outlined?


This ones is pretty basic:

And we DO NOT follow their mallet throwing rule

Lucky said...

There are a few others around, but the jist of all of them is:
Footdown, can't play until you do "x"
Score off the end of the mallet
Like contact only
No T-boning
Pretend there's a net around the goal.

Paul said...

count me in, sounds like fun

Lucky said...

OK, I just talked to the hosts in Madison about this weekend. I told him one car was leaving St Louis at 5pm, arriving about midnight, and another car was leaving about 8pm, arriving at 2-3am. He his hooking us up with places to crash for Friday and Saturday nights.

Does anyone know how to get a hold of the kids in Columbia? Zach or John? Tell them to go to and email the admin (Kevin) with how many are coming, when, and for how long.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
My name's Drew and I live in Columbia, MO. Unfortunately I wasn't able to come down and play with you all a couple of weekends ago like Kurtis and Zach, so you haven't met me.
Anyway, Zach and Kurtis (the other 2/3s of our team) can't go due to money and personal reasons, but I still really want to go play.
I'm also a native st. louisian so I fit the bill of playing on the stl team.
Do you guys have a need for an extra player? If you do, could I come along with you guys? (I promise I don't smell bad or take up too much room, and I can throw down for gas.) I can make it into stl whenever you guys are leaving and meet you at the Galleria or something.
Write me back at or give me a call at 314-814-2583. thanks a bunch! Sorry for the late notice!

Anonymous said...

he posted his e-mail on






I thought i heard they were not going?