Monday, June 23, 2008

Your mallets are ready.

Mr. T. S. and Mr. D. R. Your mallets are ready. the ski poles have not been cut, so you may adjust the shaft to your preferred length. Which is, I believe, what she said.

The hardware store in Alton has more caps on order. When they come in, I'll buy them out again and make more for the rest of us. Whoever has ski poles should get them to me so I can make mallets.



Hellz-yeah. Thank you kind sir, I owe you.

daniel said...

I'll trade you one mallet for one dinner. Fair?
And thank you.

Tony said...

That sounds like a lovely idea. I, too, will barter one dinner for one mallet.

Lucky said...

No trouble, gents. It's something I like doing. Makes me feel useful.

I made and re-made some jigs to line things up and drill all the speed holes. So after this next little run, I'll have a better idea of the time/cost per head. It will certainly be less than dinner. Unless you think a trip to Courtesy Diner is all the mallet's worth.

Anonymous said...

So, we're on for 2PM at lindenwood today, sun 6/29?

Eastern Bikes BMX said...

Great Trip
I want to go