Friday, October 10, 2008

Housing for the Mid-Wests

Greetings from Organ-land. I got an update from Trent that y'all are working hard to get this show to come together. It makes a polo player proud to hear.

Now we need to get a list of who can host folk from outta town. Me, Nick, Trent, Seth, Ross, Daniel and anyone who lives within a reasonable distance from Lindenwood Park should send Trent or Myself an email with your address and how many bodies you can fit on your couches or floors. We'll make a map of your places and all the courts, bars, and parties we'll be at over the weekend and send it to all the participants.



Lee said...

I know I've said it before, but I still think you should postpone the tournament. The morning after a halloween party is no time for playing polo.

Lucky said...

I hear ya, man. But the flyers were printed up and handed out over Labor Day with a Nov. 1st date on 'em. People took it seriously and planned around it. Days were taken off and tickets were bought.

It sucks and it was a pretty dumb oversight, but the ball is rolling and I gotta follow it. We can't cancel or postpone two weeks out.

ceicei said...

hi kids,

more than happy to host. plenty of floor space and one extra long couch. trent knows where i live. so if you need a place for bodies...

Anonymous said...

Yo gang,

This is Drew from Columbia MO.

We're going to have two teams, so housing would be hella sweet. Two of us grew up in STL but our folks live in the suburbs so we don't feel like driving from Chesterfield ever day.
Hit me up at three 1 four- eight one 4 - two 5 eight 3 if you have any more questions.


Lucky said...

Hey Drew. We may have to ask y'all to crash in the suburbs. Don't wanna, but housing is looking like it's going to be the issue of the tournament planning.

We'll get it hashed out as best we can and try to have you sleeping on the floor somewhere, just like all the other schmoes.

Ceicei, YES! Thanks very much. We will be sure to send some hot, sweaty men your way. Email me with the details. I.E. your address, if you have any pets, etc.

Lucky said...

Confirmed coming and in need of housing so far:
6-7 from Millwaukee, WI
3 from Dayton, OH
6-9 from Chicago, IL (They will be staying with me)
1 Dude from Baltimore, MD

They've said they're coming but I haven't heard from them in a while.
3-6 from Lexington, KY
3 from Minneapolis, MN

nick said...

Lucky, I have a couch and plenty of floor space. I live close to the park, so it should be cool.

Tell them to bring a tent and they can sleep in my back yard, plenty of space... :-) Just kidding....

rachel said...

two more from milwaukee coming.....
wondering what the housing situation is like?? if there is any space left for us??

Lucky said...

I just talked to Jake, come on down, it'll all get worked out. Worst case, you'll be crowded in Friday night, Saturday, we'll find better accommodations.

Quigley said...

SATURDAY NIGHT ONLY I have 2 couches plus floor space (bring a bag and pillow). PLEASE bring a towel to shower - no funk on my couches!!! **Plus 1 more space in my bed for any PYT's that want to cuddle - Giggiddy Giggiddy...**


Lucky, Trent, Nick, Paul, Seth and CeiCe: feel free to give my number to anyone you would feel okay to host yourself. Friday I MIGHT be able to host in a pinch but will probably be to drunk at some party to be reliable.

Anonymous said...

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