Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Anyone have any interest in attending the New Years Championships in Madison?

It might be fun to head up there.

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Lucky, what kind of horrible trend did you start? All of this polo playing on the best holidays of the year has got to stop.

Is there any beer left in my cooler? I'm thirsty.

Seth Teel said...

Is it impossible for a Polo tournaments to not to be on a Holiday?
1) NACCC - Labor Day
2) MWBPC - Halloween
3) NYC 09 - New Years

Must not have anything better to do.

Lucky said...

1. There is nothing better to do than play polo.
2. It's not likely that I'll be going to Madison for New Years.
3. I WILL be trying to get to bike polo spring break in Pensacola, FL Feb 10-ish to the 15, 2009. Look it up on .ca, it's supposed to be a chartered polo party. Beach houses, harbor tours, hockey rink on the beach, sunshine and beer.
4. We took all the PBR from your cooler and put it into the people still at the court.

nick said...

I would be up to heading to FL for some bike polo fun this spring.

I saw that on .ca last week.

NYC seems a little harder to make.


nick said...

Any idea where a red cooler is located?

Lucky said...

I think Stephen from A and M has it.

They're trying to charter a bus to drive from Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, St Louis, down to Pensacola. It'll add a little to the cost of the trip, but you'll be able to stretch your legs and the drive shaft should stay in one piece. Unlike my car.

nick said...

Sweet, I am there...

Any idea how I get a hold of him?
I doubt he will have the cooler at A&M but maybe..

houvenagle said...

[1970s POLO BIKE] found on Urban Velo...pretty nifty...

Lucky said...

3 things:

1. The guy who built that 70's polo bike came to one of our grass games in Chicago a coupla years back. Nice guy.

2. We've received a personal invitation to the NYC thing in Madison. Let's take a survey and see if we can get a team/car up there, maybe I'll be in it, maybe I won't. It'll come down to money for me.

3. We only play on Sunday afternoons now that the weather and the sunset are in winter mode. That includes this Sunday, Nov 16th. See you there.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

It's Drew from Columbia.
I suggest you take the megabus up to the NYC, it's how I got to the NACCCs and it worked like a charm. I hope you all make it because Columbia can't be the only missouri team there...
Uh, also, I'm moving back to STL from January to May. So expect me to come out and play with ya'll. But I ain't taking that COMOPOLO patch off my bag. No way.