Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Lock-in is a go!

I think I've mentioned this idea to everyone in person, but here's all the info in one place: I wanted StL Bike Polo to host a fun, dead-of-winter, non-competitive, indoor event at the Skatium, pretty much just cos it's there and we can.

Today I finally talked to Robert, the owner and nailed down some details. We tentatively have the whole Skatium reserved from 12:30pm Saturday, January 16th until 11:30am on Sunday, January 17th. That's right, an overnight lock-in.

The rules: We can have outside food. We can roll out sleeping bags. We don't have to change our equipment or tires or anything to spare the rink surface. We have to buy our drinks from him, 2 dollars a can for beer 1 for soda, and he can only serve until 1 am. He discounted the hourly rate down to 800 bones for the entire 23 hours. He will need a 200 dollar deposit in the next couple weeks to secure the time.

Yes? Sounds like fun?


Jen said...

I will probably not attend, but wow! What an awesome idea!

Lucky said...

Well it was a natural. I am king of the all-night party.


sounds like a good party. 2 bucks is too much for beer. we can work around that. $800 is a bunch to put up. we would need 80 people to pay 10 bucks a person to recover that. more than 10 seems too high. maybe not considering it covers a place to crash. Maybe we can get someone to DJ and we pull all the bikes of the court for a real party starting at midnight. then we'll be able to get a bunch of non polo playing folks in.

I'm behind the plan i just wanted to voice those concerns.

Lucky said...

I was thinking 40 people at 20 a head, but yeah. There is only the one court in there, so if a lot of folk show up, we'll have to administrate some ind of thing so people aren't waiting hours between games.

Next time I/we meet with the owner I/we should bring up the idea of having a beer sponsor. He can have a nominal 50 cents or whatever, but I'm sure PBR or someone will throw in a keg or two for this.

Any other comments, complaints, concerns?

Lucky said...

OK. We've got 135 toward out 200 deposit on hand. Bring some cash on Wednesday if you can/want to help out.

T- is going to call the PBR rep in town and see if we can get this even wholly sponsored, or at least good and wet.

B-Z- is going to be in charge of entertainment. I hear he knows people in the biz.

benjamin said...

Make it happen!

Lucky said...

I dropped off the deposit this afternoon. We are locked-in for the lock-in.

He reiterated the "no outside booze" policy to me. I told him we were talking to PBR and he said he could lower his price on beer if it were donated to the event.

We didn't get a chance to talk about anything else on account of the deafeningly loud music for the birthday party that was going on.

Anonymous said...

Any word on the super special surprise?

benjamin said...

About Wednesday night polo:

It seems that everyone (soccer players, polo players, and more soccer players) is trying to claim the rink at 7pm. I don't know what everyone's schedule looks like, but can we try to get going by 6:30? That way we'll be playing before the soccer players show up looking for a power struggle.

Just a thought.

(I'll be there minutes after 6 regardless just so we can say that polo was there first)

Enjoy your day.

Polo tonight!!

benjamin said...

I just whipped-up a flyer to pass out during FBC in an attempt to recruit more people to polo. I'll be printing them out and cutting them to size over the next three days. If anyone wants to help pass them out on Wednesday night (especially people more outgoing than me), feel free to grab a stack from me.



Anonymous said...

Killer graphic ben.

Anonymous said...

I still have about 200 "come play bike polo" fliers leftover from the last FBC where i handed them out..but whatever.

Eugene said...

Yo! Drove by Maplewood (Big Bend near Laclede Sta Rd.) last night at 10:30, lights were definitely on around the court... maybe we should try and play there this coming Wednesday?