Sunday, December 6, 2009

In STL, We Keep Our Eyes on the Prize


Anonymous said...


I discovered an even better Wash U parking garage under the Danforth University Center. the only inconvenience is that its costs $1 an hour to park down there without a pass, however, anyone can park outside in yellow spots on weekends and ride on down

just to clear up any confusion, its free to park in Wash U yellow spots on weekends

check it out sometime, the entire lower level was completely deserted and perfect for polo!


Ben said...

Interesting. The Millbrook Garage was great when Evan and I were there.

Take some pics next time you're there.

Lucky said...

Where are we at with sponsors and food for the Lock-in? It's t - minus five weeks till the event and we don't have an updated flyer with a price or sponsorship or notices of any kind.

There are 70 people "signed up" on .ca. If they all come, we can cover the rental cost with 10 per person. Four meals for that many will be another 10. 20 a head is steep for a polo event, but can be justified if we need to.

Anyone talk to restaurants, caterers, local producers about free food?

Tim A. said...


I meant to ask about your brake set-up at friendlies. What model problem solver do you use and how does the pull compare to a single cable (i.e. harder to pull or similar). Most importantly, do you like it?

Anonymous said...

We should grab a beer after polo and finalize a plan for the lock-in.


Lucky said...

Yes we should. I have a meeting tonight at 6 so no polo, but someone please text me and let me know when/where we'd be meeting for this VERY IMPORTANT planning.

Lucky said...

Tim A: I have the problem Solver 1:2. I have really shitty levers, so I couldn't tell too much what effect the device had on the pull. It works really well so far, though. After it's installed, you can use your fine tensioners to adjust how much front and/or rear braking you want when you pull the lever however hard.

Couldn't say if it works 4x as well as "The Pervert", which Anchovy sez you can get on ebay for 10bux. The problem solver is 40.

Ben said...

Someone pick a day/night/time for this meeting...The earlier the better.

Anonymous said...

Tim A: i think the pervert is awesome, its main pros are its cheap and easy to dial in. Cons; its hard to find.
It really only works as good as your brakes, so if you have dialed brakes, it works super dialed. I had it on some v brakes and it worked super great. I have it on regular crappy side pull road brakes now and it its just ok. If you had it on 990's i imagine it would be very sweet.

Ben said...

I'm watching "Props" on FuelTV, and this episode features a group of riders (some of who we all know) riding around Canada.

This is awesome.

Anonymous said...

I got the props with cole on the cover if you want to borrow it.

Alex B said...

What a beaut. Also, I am missing two tan glovey-mittens, one triangle of blue cheese and an apple. most likely left at the friendlies. If anybody can help me out, let me know!



Lucky said...

I left my black knit stocking cap somewhere, too.