Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wash U Security... a fan of Bike Polo.

We're free to use their parking garage when we please.

Thanks to Jake for getting pulled over in the Loop by the head of Wash U security.


Anonymous said...

"Are you part of that group that was playing some hockey game on bikes? Now are any of yall washU students?"-"One of us"-"Well, Im In charge and I dont Know Whats wrong with those facility guys but I never gave the order to kick yall out" "realy?" (sigh). "Yeah, Yall wasnt hurtin nothin. As far as Im concerned, y'all could play till shift change at 11pm"

Holy Shit did that just happen...
He didnt care if we played durring break. This is the ONLY freindly encounter I have had with Wash U.

So we can not only polo down there and they dont carfe as long as we arent being destructive... I asked about moving the boards and stuff and he said as long as its put back... Oh yeah
WTF Just happened???

Anonymous said...

huzzah! three cheers for washington university! ice cream and potatoes for all.

-theolonious fesellblad.

Anonymous said...

Im stoked. So can we just plan on playing there on Sunday? It wont be bad at all with some makeshift boards quickly assembled. There is plenty of material there for "boards".
Its a grippy, well lit, dry surface. So awesome.

Ben said...

You don't want to play at a rink on Sunday if the weather's nice?

It doesn't really matter to me. I like the slower, passing-focused play the garage requires. It'll make all of us better teammates.

Anonymous said...