Sunday, December 27, 2009

Willmore Park Polo

Be at Willmore Park between noon and noon-thirty for polo. Bring snow shovels, brooms, hot coco, and long underwear.

Be prepared to feel the cold sting of a hard check into the boards on this brisk Sunday afternoon.

Dress warm.


Kayce said...

I will be late and need a bike, but will bring a spare ball or two, this weather=shattered balls

Anonymous said...

i'll be there, before 1, with broom, shovel, booze and i might bring an extra bike


Anonymous said...

.. or maybe i'll be late, but i am bring extra bike


Anonymous said...

Wow... What a disaster. Thanks to everyone who showed up for Ice polo. The rink froze over after the 3rd game. Nearly killing everyone durring our slow motion play. Everyone slid out and nearly died. The only injury was an accidental high stick, in whitch Nick got his nose pushed in by bens malett. Next time it snows we are going to a garage!
Big tides,

Anonymous said...

not a failure! first time i got to play since friendlies, so thanks jake! lets play at that garage on wednesday, please and thank you.


Anonymous said...

What garage you talking about? Im down for some garage play on Wed.

Anonymous said...

You said to "Be prepared to feel the cold sting of a hard check into the boards" I was not prepared for a mallet to the face... oh well.

Next time you see me, I will be ready for a mallet to the face..

bigger tides


Drew said...


my number is 3one4, eight1four, two5eight3

lemme know if you are playing tuesday. I'll be outta town by wednesday.
tig ol' bides,

Anonymous said...

i dont have a hockey game tonight so is there polo? washu garage?.