Saturday, January 2, 2010

Homeless Polo Players...

Let Nick know if you can house some polo players in a foreign land the night before the Lock-In.


Nick said...

Ok guys and gals we need volunteers to house our guests from out of town.

As of right now I have requests from 9 groups totaling as much as 35 requests. Most of the housing will be needed on Friday night. Some Housing will be needed on Sunday.

I need EVERYONE to house our guests. Please email lockinhousing AT GMAIL DOT COM with how many guests you can house, (All they need is a floor). If everyone takes a few people we can get this done.

If no one volunteer, I know where each one of you lives and will send them to your house in the middle of the night drunk, puking and shivering needing a home... just kidding but seriously Look at your floor space and think about how many you can take.

Cities that have requested housing thus far are as follows:
Colorado Springs
Savannah, GA
Chicago (Lucky is housing)
Charleston SC
Pittsburgh (Lucky is housing)

Anonymous said...

Oh, should we have a get together at atomic cowboy Friday night as people are arriving?

Maybe the Silverleaf could sponsor a bike polo preparty friday night.

Lee said...

why are you writing about bike polo on this Andrew WK blog?

Lucky said...

I'm housing 12 people in 2 apartments in my building. The silverleaf sounds perfect for Friday night carousing to me. We'd fill the place up pretty fast, though.

But really, I'll probably be cooking all night and trying to get some sleep before the big day.

Ben said...

I can house about 6 people. Though, my dad has promised to hand out a swift-kick-to-the-nuts of anyone thinking about getting out of line.

Anonymous said...

No shit, start a new blog about Andrew WK.
I will see what i can do about floor space.
I made a TI shafted mallet today. Im stoked to play tomorrow. I will check Willmore in the AM to see if its icy. If its icy. Then its wash U parking garage.

Anonymous said...

I can take in 4 for Friday. I know Cole could take 2 more. Polo tommorow. Oh what a day

Trent said...

I've got room for 4. 2 couch, 2 floor. That 15 hour party was a good warm up for this 23 hour beast.

Anonymous said...

i'm good for 8 people on friday,
6 on sunday.


Kayce said...

I vote for garage polo today, it is substantually warmer down there.

Anonymous said...

will someone be needing an extra bike again today?


Anonymous said...

what time is polo today.
-Toph W K.

nick-send them all to Ross's house. that would be hillarious.

anchovy said...

POLO 1:30 WASH U parking garage. The garage borders forest park parkway . You can enter left off of Forest Park Parkway just before big bend, then left again into garage. We are on the lowest level. Drive all the way down.
I believe it says "Willmore garage" on the entrance.
PS i can bring a more polo friendly bike. I have my old kona.

Lee said...

I vote for rink play.

Ben said...

I vote for warmer weather.

kayce said...

I would love to play on the Kona if possible